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Terra Navis Group

Terra Navis Group is a Group of companies serving the international business community with emphasis on a wide spectrum of activities ranging from Shipowning, Ship Management and Dry cargo Chartering, to Engineering Consultancy and to Commodity Trading.

The Group is steered by the chairman and founder Mr Christos Chrysanthou who is an established shipping executive for more than 35 years. As from the turn of the century, the second generation of the Chrysanthou Family has joined the Group, bringing new know-how, taking key positions and being actively involved in the management of the Group.

Terra Navis Group invests in people, and through knowledge, continuous development and expertise, achieves to combine quality and versatility offering a wide range of services at the highest standards. The personnel of the Group comprise long experience and expertise, and all activities are supported by qualified and established professionals, being Naval Architects, Master Mariners, Marine Engineers, Qualified Chartering Brokers, Specialists on Commodities Trade, Economics and Financial Planning and Data Analysis.

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We are Traders

Trading and commerce have been the pillars on which the Group was built. Going back three generations, the Chrysanthou Family was heavily involved in the mining, extraction and local distribution of gypsum, owning gypsum mines and complete setup operations which were radical and progressive for that time. Since then the family has navigated successfully through turbulent times and numerous market changes, constantly evolving and adapting to meet the ever changing requirements of the local, regional and world economy. These changes saw the switch to the trading of food commodities, and through the years the group has formed a worldwide network and is currently actively engaged in the trading of food and agricultural products.

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We are Shipowners

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The trading and commerce with which the group was heavily involved brought the requirement for transportation of cargoes. Consequently, in early 90’s, and having already the in-house knowledge and expertise, the group made the strategic decision to invest in ships, in order to cover the complete cycle of trading and transportation of goods and commodities. This proved to be a wise move on the chessboard, since having traded its vessels profitably for a number of years, the group sold 70% of its fleet during the booming of the market in the end of 2007/ beginning of 2008, resulting in considerable returns on its investment. Since then, the group maintains a smaller fleet and was waiting for the right timing to invest again in more vessels.

We are Shipmanagers

The concept of “managing a ship”, for us is an art and a passion. Being forerunners in the implementation of quality management, we welcome the challenges of managing a ship, and through the development of a highly sophisticated management system we are able to trade our vessels profitably and trouble free.

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We are Charterers

Our owned tonnage was in various circumstances not enough for our transportation needs, due to geographical positioning of the vessels, different size of parcels, or simply due to extra demand, and consequently the group has been engaged in the chartering of extra tonnage.

We are Engineers

We provide engineering solutions to the most complex problems, applying our engineering expertise to overcome difficult complications, provide custom tailor-made services, invent and innovate for our clients.

We are Economists

The group comprises of experts in economics and business administration, who are actively involved in the strategic planning through data analysis, forecasts and financial planning both for the shipping as well as the commodities sector.

We are Surveyors

The group was one of the pioneer surveying entities in the region, going back 30 years, and has since been providing the shipping industry with all kinds of engineering services, building on professionalism, quality, and expert knowledge.

We are Insurance Experts

The group has gathered through the years considerable expertise in the field of Insurance, employing leading Insurance specialists in the region and providing Expert Insurance Consultancy in the fields of Life and General Insurance, Medical Schemes and Investment and Pension Funds.

We are Consultants

The years of technical knowledge, commercial experience and engineering expertise have enabled the group to be in a position to offer specialized consultancy services along the whole range of the Shipping sector.